February 14th, 2018

Teacher’s Partner Challenge to Teachers

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At Teacher’s Partner, we are about a lot more than just worksheets, videos and lesson plans. Yes, those things have their place and are certainly necessary.

But there is more to education than tools, and at Teacher’s Partner we are committed to the cause of education itself.
Let’s face it, there are problems with how we educate kids in this country. We ignore minor issues until they become major. We see the results in students being unprepared for college or dropping out to the horrendous extreme of school shootings.

We must commit to change this. We must vow to fix those problems that plague schools and our society.
At Teacher’s Partner, we propose a simple change in thinking. It is a contract with our students and ourselves.
We present 10 simple ideas for improving our students, our schools, & our society

1) Every student should be provided with high-level, high-quality instruction. Classrooms must be a place where students are challenged. We cannot guarantee equality of outcome, as every student is different and learns differently, but we can and should provide equality of opportunity.

2) Every classroom should be a place of safety for the student. No one can learn in an environment in which they feel threatened or unsafe. No student should ever be attacked because he or she is different. We should embrace our diversity, not run from it.

3) All students should be treated fairly and with respect. We believe that problems arise when students are marginalized in the classroom. All student’s have inherent talents, and a teacher’s first job is to find them and nurture them.

4) Classrooms should be havens of inclusion. Each student should be free to ask questions and participate in discussions without fear of ridicule or rejection.

5) Schools do not exist in isolation. They are part of a community and society next. All members of the community – school workers, parents, and local leaders should have a voice in educating our children.

6) A teacher’s job is a labor of love. It’s not money or fame that motivates teachers. Do it because you value your students and honestly desire to help even at personal cost.

7) Remember the little things. Smile and greet your students as they come in to class or as you see them at school or in the community. Respect is a two-way street. You must earn it; it is never automatically given because you demand it.

8) Like you, your students have a life outside the classroom. Know it and take part in it. Attend games and other extracurricular activities. If a student, for example, is playing in his band at a local venue, attend. Again, little things can make big differences.

9) Make sure you like what your doing and teaching. Enthusiasm is contagious. If you’re interested, your students will be as well.

10) Above all, remember the first oath of doctors: “First, do no harm.” Do not let a student leave your class or the school angry or unhappy due to your actions. This doesn’t mean to give them anything they want; that’s as bad as giving them nothing. Discipline effectively not harshly and explain why it is necessary.

These are not cure-alls, but they can help. To appropriate a phrase: “Blessed are the teachers for they touch Eternity.” Visit www.TeachersPartner.com to view more.

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